Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outing to a Wedding

Day 5 through 7.

The ruin of dogs and diabetics: Candied maple bacon cupcake.
Surgery day +5 found me stir crazy and overconfident in my abilities. With the open splint I was susceptible to rolling the ankle, sudden rainstorms, clumsiness, and determined burrowing animals. The leg had to be elevated for the first 96 hours, but after that only protected and kept dry. What better safe harbor than an outdoor wedding? Still alive when she returned from shopping yesterday, I lulled my wife/nurse/prison guard's better sense of judgement into letting me escort her to her friends wedding on Sunday. She carefully wedged me into the back of the car with pillows, bubble wrap and some fluffing. We arrived for the brief ceremony and stayed through the reception. I enjoyed the best wedding fare I have ever consumed. Although dry eyed through the ceremony, I teared up over my second plate of Backyard Bistro BBQ. It was an excellent test of my crutching abilities as I completed my 7th marathon distance from the curb to the backyard along what I estimated to be 26.2 miles of loose gravel interrupted by a few mountains and a bear or two. The sun was strong and we probably stayed an hour too long as my stamina is still quite low. I considered a few Cliff Shot Blocks for strength, but rejected them for for a Daisy Cakes candied bacon and maple wedding cupcake.  All told about a 3.5 hour excursion. Congratulations Chris and Drew. I enjoyed your nuptials almost as much as the brisket and home brew. 

Wear white to a wedding and you could get hurt.

Viewer discretion is advised. Contains
scenes that some viewers may find
Day 6-7. The strenuous half day of sitting and eating left me completely wiped. I slept almost all of day 6 away. Blood sugars were pretty constant, but I am noticing my insulin resistance is creeping up without my normal cardio routine. Day 7 was better, but more than half dedicated to napping practice. I attempted the 30+ pages of insurance paperwork and work required administration in preparation for tomorrows post operative appointment. After reviewing the work release form requirements just received from my HR department, I am a little concerned about my Doctor releasing me back after 2 weeks as promised. The document is quite specific and maybe a little out of reach for the pirate-like (1 legged). I am still shocked by my quickness toward fatigue and my bodies demand for extra sleep. Most of the pain is limited to where I think the incision was made. I cannot wait to see if my wing tattoo is clipped. Goodbye trendy ink, hello cool scarification. I hope he didn't carve it in the shape of a butterfly or a Chinese character that translates into karma or nirvana.



  1. Glad to see you are getting out of the house! The extended fatigue is normal following surgery. It will get better in the coming week (or so).