Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can't Believe I Slept through this

Day 12. Today, my surgeon forwarded me the jpgs made during my tendon repair. I am usually not a huge fan of the health care system, but to date I have been really impressed by Dr. Nunley and his merry band of associates. And not just because he sent me these nasty pics. You really have to prepare yourself for appointments. He does not have a lot of time for formalities, but to date, he has answered all of my questions. I have a long way to go before I see the final product, but if you are in the market for peroneal longitudinal tear repair, at this point I would endorse Dr. Nunley & Associates at Duke. If you found this blog searching for information on peroneal repair, the most helpful site I found was a forum on Runner's World

My recovery ebbs and flows a lot. Two days ago, I announced myself fit for work. Yesterday, I tired myself out brushing my teeth. The incision pain has ceased for the most part. A throbbing emerged deep in the ankle. It shoots up the tendon occasionally, but stays isolated in the brevis area the majority of the time. A lot of weird sole pain began, which I think results from the new cast and the strange foot strike it produces. I have upped the walking around a lot and perhaps a too little quickly. My leg plans on elevation, insurance paperwork, job administration and a couple of paperbacks for the next two days. Just 12 days out from the pictures below, I think things are progressing a little ahead of schedule. 

The itch created by a fortnight's bath abstinence rivals water boarding torture interrogation techniques. I would confess the identity of D.B. Cooper and Coca Cola's secret formula for a reprieve. The benedryl tabs work wonders at relieving both the itch and consciousness, but both resume at the same time. 

Please finish digesting your breakfast before scrolling down.

This image shows the tear running longitudinally. Unfortunately, I had my eyes closed in this picture.

 A tad over 3cm. This may put me off chicken wings for awhile.

Trail running. Sometimes you reap what you sew.

The special today  is tough and a little stringy. I would recommend the sirloin instead. 



  1. You busted that thing nicely! Impressive damage. It's almost like you enjoy painful activities involving ankle abuse.