Monday, July 2, 2012

Maybe Me Medoc. Maybe?

Boo! Scary scarry pic.
12 Weeks post surgery or 3 months for your minimalists. The surgeon tested out my strut assembly and wheel alignment at week 11. He was extremely pleased with my results to date and showed off my range of motion to a medical student. The med student did a fair job faking extreme interest. I went into this appointment hoping for the green light to begin a modest run/walk program. The doctor encouraged me: not to be an idiot. I can start at the four month mark. August 4th by my math. On that day I will open up the throttle and after a 1 mile walking warm up I plan to explode back into running by run/walking (2 minute run: 5 minute walk, repeat x 3) for an entire mile. I am positive I will need some kind of new equipment to help me accomplish such a blistering pace. I plan to start searching at Bull City running for frill soon.

12 weeks post surgery.
Edited full moon.
Starting on the 4th gives me 10 weeks to get ready for the Medoc 10 miler, 12 weeks for the Spinx 1/2 marathon. I have charted, cutted, pasted, xcelled, divined, and searched the stars to determine that I will definitely be able to probably finish. Just like Sex Panther cologne. "They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works everytime." Medoc fits well as a comeback. I ran the marathon option near the peak of my fitness last year. 

Stolen from Tar River Running Company
My A goal was 9 min miles for an easy under 4 hour finish. Very fast for a trail marathon for me. I was on track at the halfway point, but at mile 14 I had a blood sugar crash. Caught up in the race, I missed consuming 2 gels at the one hour and 1.5 hour mark. I became confused and ran off the course, struck a tree and finally realized I was in jeopardy. My blood sugar was 29. A new record for me. A reading that low is rather dangerous. A victim can convulse, lose consciousness, or die with numbers not much further south. And it is exhausting. Medoc encourages runners to pick a trail name to be printed on there number. A quark of fate, I had picked HypoHazard. My friend and personal medic of the day Tony Bennett, dropped me extra gels when he passed and ascertained that like Gloria Gaynor I would survive. I sat on a stump and consumed 6 gels, near 150 carbs (more than I generally consume in an entire day). After a 35 minute furlough I fought my way through the last 12 miles. I managed to continue forward with Scott Lynch for awhile and Jim Wei distracted me through the worst of the miles. I managed to finish under 5 hours, but was physically demolished. I had to rest for an hour in my car before I could manage the drive home. 

This is Medoc's 5 year anniversary and the 10 mile option sounds like a great way to get my feet wet (hopefully with perspiration or a stream, not blood and gore). And after last year's debacle and missed goal, merely finishing this year would be a triumph. My best case scenario; not to be passed by any Marathoners. I am talking to you Dan Bedard. If I am lapped I am not above piggy-backing, or tripping and hair-pulling. My physical therapist thinks its doable, but just. I am not too worried I think MEDOC used to practice medicine.

I promise a race review as I return my focus to running, because everyone wants more running blogs to read. Until then, 12 week symptom check: 158 lbs, still swelling after weight bearing, scar tissue moderate, still entirely numb over the malleolus, peroneal brevis sore, lots of popping in foot, realistic amounts of pain in the peroneals. Walking up to 3.5 miles currently (barefoot), 45 minutes on the elliptical, getting better at standing on my hands when using a door for balance. My attitude is more positive. I made a training plan for both Medoc and Spinx 1/2 today! Calf size discrepancy still noticeable to me, but when I leave the house children are no longer laughing and pointing.

As of this publishing Medoc has sold out the 10 miler, 81% full for the marathon. Go sign up. This is one of the acorn capital area's best. Medoc trail marathon 2012.



  1. If you haven't picked your trail name yet, may I suggest "Suicidal Tendon, See?"

    Glad you are recovering so well Ryan. I'll goad you into signing up for the Uwharrie 40 later this year if your tendon holds together. That's just the sort of frenemy I am.

  2. Nice^, Scott. Medoc is on my list, but it inconveniently falls annually on the weekend of my younger son's birthday. So I'm off to Triple Lakes for my first ultra [-GULP-].

    My Blue Ridge Relay teammate who had the same surgery a few weeks after you has just dropped out for this year. So bummed, though she is spending her recovery hiking the Swiss Alps. There are worse things. Glad that the recovery process seems to be going pretty smoothly, even though I'm sure it seems interminable. Good news is you are missing the wicked heat+humidity that is this summer.

    Thanks for adding my blog to your list! Now I just have to write more often.

    See you guys at Uwharrie, for sure. And, I always do Run at the Rock in December. Might make for a come-back back-up plan, Ryan?


    1. I like Suicidal Tendency a lot. I am already locked in with Icarus this year. Uwharrie 40 is definitely off the table time line wise, but I am toying with the idea of the 20. Umstead will be my first stab at 26. Steph, I will miss seeing you at Medoc. I can barely remember what everyone looks like. Run at the Rock looks like a good building block.

      Wish me luck my first run will be August 1st. I am attempting 1 mile with walk breaks. I just finished 5.75 miles of Sycamore at a 22 minute per mile walking pace this Saturday. Long way to go.

    2. Where are you attempting your first mile run? If you want to meet in Umstead, I'll be happy to photograph the return to running for a blog post. And to give you a bit of company on the inaugural run. Email me.